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Sculpt Yoga is my happy place! I feel so encouraged and welcomed by all the instructors. They are always positive and have big smiles on their faces. Everybody who leaves this place is in a good mood:) One of the best parts of Sculpt Yoga is the variety of classes that they offer. You can take a difficult cardio/weights class that kicks your butt or spend your time in a blissful, easy, smooth yoga class. There are so many options to choose from depending on your mood that day. I would highly recommend it to anyone needing to do something just for themselves. You will be transported during your hour here and completely regenerated and ready to face the world afterwards. This studio is a life line for me and the instructors and staff are what make it so special! It doesn’t hurt that my abs have never felt so strong or looked so good:) 


Sculpt Yoga has gallons of my sweat and my whole heart and soul. I once read a celebrity quoted as saying, “I do yoga for my bootie, not my mind.”  I had a similar philosophy - I got in, got my workout done, checked it off my list, and went on with life.  When I started at Sculpt two years ago, following Sarah Kurtz from Core Power, something clicked.  It sounds cliché, but I started looking forward to the community aspects Sculpt offers.  I’ll even try to match the “inhale and exhale” prompts and use my breath!  All the teachers at Sculpt are phenomenal, and I am never disappointed, or picking my attendance based on who is leading the class. They each offer something different and enjoyable, which keeps it interesting.  The locker rooms and studios are clean, and the clientele is respectful as well hygienic – important when you are sweating profusely next to someone!  The music they play in class is fantastic and the hour goes by incredibly fast – getting to your mat is always the hardest part.  There are classes for everyone, from beginners to those who are advanced in their practice.  Sculpt has helped me turn down the static of my outside life, by focusing on my breath, working my “sits bones,” listening to great music with good friends.  The other day I glanced down to see a significant drop of my sweat shaped like a smiley face!


The overarching question is, how will you stay fit through your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond?  We all want longevity, but make that a comfortable, functional long life!  I was a 20 year yoga veteran, and rarely had broken a sweat in all that time when I started taking classes at HotSculptYoga nine months ago.  Let me say that the cardiovascular workout is phenomenal and that I now have muscles and core power that keeps my back safe and my metabolism on high.  It’s amazing to feel so athletic and ready to be active in all the things I want to do and keep on doing for a long, long time. Thank you, Wendy!


One of the nicest and cleanest studios I've been to! Had my first class with the amazing Dell Taylor. One of my favorite classes ever. The prices are very reasonable too. I was having a hard time finding a studio I liked...Sculpt Yoga personnel are amazing and the facility is upscale.


I was really impressed. The studio is spacious and clean. The locker rooms are lovely. And the class - I took a Level 1 - kicked my booty! Looking forward to the next one. 


Awesome studio with fantastic instructors! Sculpt yoga is a great full body work out. 


Very nice facility with showers and lockers and mats available. Instructors and all really good. Heated or non-heated classes available.


Love the sculpt concept. Great variety of classes. The vin/yin is amazing and if you want cardio/weights/yoga the sculpt classes are awesome. Beautiful studio filled with mindful and inspiring instructors.


Love it!! Great teachers! Super hard and fun classes!! Love the music too. 


Beautiful studio with some of the most talented and inspiring teachers in the Portland metro area! Would highly recommend to anyone interested (beginner or advanced). My favorite class is sculpt 2 with Meghan or Sara! 


Today yoga is found all over Portland, but it’s not always heated, and it’s mostly on the Eastside. Until Meg and Wendy opened their studio! And, in fact, of my 17 years of regular hot yoga practice, this studio is my favorite. 
The saddest misconception about yoga is that you need to be flexible to start it. It’s not like a sport in which you need a base of skill to play; in fact, it’s the opposite. The tighter wound up or stubborn your body is, the more the teacher will appreciate you! They are healers! At some point in their lives, yoga changed their lives and that’s why they got into it: to help others discover how yoga improves your mind and your body. Yoga is for everyone, whether you’re athletic, not athletic, in pain, not in pain. Some people start it because they're uncomfortable with nagging lower back or hamstring issues, or want to have a longer, leaner body or exercise that will also calm their minds. Some people who start are runners who don’t take time to stretch, athletes who needs to elongate all those joints that take a pounding, or moms and dads who give a lot to kids and need to take time for their own wellness. It’s for everyone. 
Meghan Atkinson, an owner, is renowned as one of the best yoga teachers in our city. You can see her influence in studios across Portland. A membership at Sculpt Yoga is putting your money into a local business led by dynamic, hardworking, caring women. They want to hear your feedback at the end of class and they will help you at whatever level you start. Their goal is to help you get a good start so you can also eventually understand how yoga practice will change your life. 
For me, a part-time working mother of three, I appreciate Sculpt Yoga as a place for both a workout and traditional yoga. I don’t have time or resources to invest in memberships at a gym or cycling studio as well as a yoga studio. They have created a model in which you get both fitness and mindfulness — total wellness. One day a sculpt classes will have you feeling the power and intensity of high school football daily doubles, and another day you can stretch it all out in a Vin/Yin class, a lovely combination of 45 minutes of vinyasa flow followed by 30 minutes of deep stretching. You leave feeling as if you’ve just had a full body massage, and you’ve done it all yourself (and it’s way less expensive than massage). 
Since I started my practice in 1999, yoga has always been there for me. When I’m stressed or overwhelmed, I know I just need to get back to my mat for an hour and I’ll have regained perspective. Yoga helps me be a better decision maker. I will come to class bothered by a problem or situation and after my practice, the right approach becomes clear. I am a nicer parent, friend and wife when I have a regular practice. I really appreciated yoga during my two pregnancies, one a singleton and one a twin. Yoga helps you avoid varicose veins, common aches and uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy. I remember feeling great in a heated class two days before my scheduled twin c-section at 37 weeks (two breech babies). Now, if I get in at least one Sculpt class a week, I know I’m doing the right thing to build muscle. Women as they age lose muscle mass, and keeping our muscles awake prevents injury and illness. Vinyasa or hatha classes do so much good, especially for anyone who sits for most of their work day. For my husband Phil, who started practicing yoga about 10 years ago, he noticed immediate benefits. He actually grew a half an inch when he regained his posture! Within months, he no longer had nagging lower back pain. Years into it, he’s less vocal about how yoga continually improves his golf swing and overall game, as he doesn’t want his competitive golfing friends to discover his secret.  

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