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I love the feeling of being centered within myself. Yoga is a part of my daily routine, it cleanses the soul.  When I am grounded and centered, I am able to be present in my everyday life, which allows me to be a better mother, wife, friend, instructor, etc.  When I first envisioned Sculpt Yoga, I knew I needed the right pieces for the puzzle. The universe absolutely provided what I asked for!  The right location, the knowledgeable instructors,  and the open minded students.  I wanted the studio to be a place where  magical  things happen!  People can come together, learn from each other,  practice yoga, sweat hard, and clear the mind.  I am happy to say we have accomplished this together!  

As instructors, we are here to guide you through your practice and  set you up for success.  All you have to commit to, is showing up.  In return, this will help you become a better human being, really, the possibilities of return are endless!   We are so lucky, here at Sculpt, to have the  creme’ de la creme’,  for instructors.  We are truly here to help you be your best.  I challenge you to come take a class at Sculpt Yoga, its like nothing you have ever experienced before. Challenge yourself,  what are you waiting for?

Something personal things about myself: I love animals, they teach us unconditional love.  I love how the sun rises and sets in Africa, nothing like it!   Riding in a hot air balloon is on my bucket list (:  and I love to network, this brings people together.



I love nature. I love how the sun sheds light, how rain brings growth, how snow brings silence, and crisp air creates color. I love animals and their pure joy in the moment, and how their instinct brings them to the edge.
I love yoga. It is for everyone, anyone. Everything is yoga, when it brings you a moment of quiet, self-revelation, or selflessness. Yoga has brought to me a family whom I love and a sanity I can't explain.
I love how yoga can cajole us into our true nature-all its shades of light, dark and beautiful colors-in its extreme strength, acknowledgement of self and others, and utter peace of mind in stillness. I hope to offer a space for all to discover, acknowledge and embrace their own TRUE nature within a yoga class.



One of my favorite things is to be around interesting, inspiring, kind people who want to share, laugh and cry about the highs and lows that this crazy, beautiful life presents. Yoga gives me a place to do that. We share through our breaths, through the challenges of certain poses, through a joke during core, or tears in savasana. Our hearts get cracked wide open so the light can shine through.

Through the cracks I have in my heart, the challenges that life has presented to me, I naturally share my vulnerability and easily connect with my students. I appreciate each person’s story and my intention is to meet students wherever they are on their path. I love finding the balance between going deep and feeling the intensity of that journey all the while finding the lightness in it as well.

I hold space for my students to have their own unique experience, be it light or dark, and ultimately, my hope is that students will find just the right lighting for their story on and off the mat.My classes offer a place to be real, to have fun and to go inside. Come and find YOUR OWN authentic island to breathe and connect with everyone around you, and mostly with yourself.









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Charissa is to yoga what the bunny is to Energizer. It goes It goes. And yogas. Raised in Minnesota Charissa has always hopped around, landing in Thailand, where she discovered, and subsequently began instructing scuba diving, Charissa seeks adventure, but no matter where she is the common theme remains: staying active, and teaching others. She first discovered yoga from a fellow diver in 2009 and when her move brought her to Portland in Aug of 2013 she shortly completed her first 200 hr training. In the summer of 2016 she became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, she is currently working towards her Weight Loss Specialist Certification. She is extremely excited to be able to share her love for yoga and sculpt with the lovely people of Portland. She loves a good hat, champagne tasting and anything with a theme. But she just really wants everyone to be healthy and happy.

“You can’t hoard fun. It has no shelf life” ~ H.S. Thompson




When I stepped into my first Sculpt class in early 2015, I had no idea the immense changes that were in store for both my body and my life. I fell in love immediately with the intensity of these workouts, with what it felt like to come to what I thought was the edge of my abilities and then hurl myself over that edge and discover strength I never knew I had. It is absolutely intoxicating, wildly fun, and like nothing I’ve ever experienced in a workout. I am so thrilled and humbled to be able to share this experience with my students, and to help them find their own edge and discover that they too are so much stronger than they realize. Sculpt classes are exciting, empowering, and fun, and whether I’m cracking a joke or yelling at you to give me one more jump squat, we are going to have a blast! When I’m not at the studio, you can find me chasing after my two little boys, training for half marathons and Hood to Coast, getting dirty in my tiny backyard farm, baking cakes for people I love, or planning my next scuba diving trip.



I love yoga because it challenges me. I believe that it is the physical challenge of yoga that allows my mind to be completely present. The combination of breath, sweat, intensity and surrender nurtures my body and soul. Yoga has brought so much positivity to my life in friendships, community and personal growth and I love sharing it with others. My intention is to cultivate a sense of body awareness as a form moving meditation. I provide a strong physical practice as a vehicle still the mind. I hope you leave class feeling accomplished, empowered and with a smile on your face.


I love adventuring, exploring and being active. I first started coming to Sculpt in 2015 after moving to Portland from North Carolina. Without doing much research, I showed up to a Sculpt level 2 and it seriously kicked my booty! I loved it. As an ultra trail runner and marathoner I’m always looking for cross training that will strengthen my muscles and get my heart pumping – Sculpt has all of that!

When I’m not at the Sculpt studio I’m working my “day job” as a dietitian, running trails in forest park or planning another adventure with my husband, Duncan.  We love to explore the PNW every chance we get, whether it’s hiking in the Columbia River Gorge, snow boarding on Mt. Hood, summiting or circumnavigating a mountain or camping in the wilderness – we just love being outdoors.