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I love the feeling of being centered within myself. Yoga is a part of my daily routine, it cleanses the soul.  When I am grounded and centered, I am able to be present in my everyday life, which allows me to be a better mother, wife, friend, instructor, etc.  When I first envisioned Sculpt Yoga, I knew I needed the right pieces for the puzzle. The universe absolutely provided what I asked for!  The right location, the knowledgeable instructors,  and the open minded students.  I wanted the studio to be a place where  magical  things happen!  People can come together, learn from each other,  practice yoga, sweat hard, and clear the mind.  I am happy to say we have accomplished this together!  

As instructors, we are here to guide you through your practice and  set you up for success.  All you have to commit to, is showing up.  In return, this will help you become a better human being, really, the possibilities of return are endless!   We are so lucky, here at Sculpt, to have the  creme’ de la creme’,  for instructors.  We are truly here to help you be your best.  I challenge you to come take a class at Sculpt Yoga, its like nothing you have ever experienced before. Challenge yourself,  what are you waiting for?

Something personal things about myself: I love animals, they teach us unconditional love.  I love how the sun rises and sets in Africa, nothing like it!   Riding in a hot air balloon is on my bucket list (:  and I love to network, this brings people together.



I love nature. I love how the sun sheds light, how rain brings growth, how snow brings silence, and crisp air creates color. I love animals and their pure joy in the moment, and how their instinct brings them to the edge.
I love yoga. It is for everyone, anyone. Everything is yoga, when it brings you a moment of quiet, self-revelation, or selflessness. Yoga has brought to me a family whom I love and a sanity I can't explain.
I love how yoga can cajole us into our true nature-all its shades of light, dark and beautiful colors-in its extreme strength, acknowledgement of self and others, and utter peace of mind in stillness. I hope to offer a space for all to discover, acknowledge and embrace their own TRUE nature within a yoga class.






I love adventuring, exploring and being active. I first started coming to Sculpt in 2015 after moving to Portland from North Carolina. Without doing much research, I showed up to a Sculpt level 2 and it seriously kicked my booty! I loved it. As an ultra trail runner and marathoner I’m always looking for cross training that will strengthen my muscles and get my heart pumping – Sculpt has all of that!

When I’m not at the Sculpt studio I’m working my “day job” as a dietitian, running trails in forest park or planning another adventure with my husband, Duncan.  We love to explore the PNW every chance we get, whether it’s hiking in the Columbia River Gorge, snow boarding on Mt. Hood, summiting or circumnavigating a mountain or camping in the wilderness – we just love being outdoors.



Margo has been teaching yoga and capturing the hearts of students since 2003.

Margo’s passion as a teacher has always been to make the “non-believer” a “believer” but not just in yoga, in themselves. Peoples’ health, happiness, strength and empowerment is the nucleus of her message through everyday mindfulness, confidence, and self-awareness. She often sets her classes to music to motivate and inspire. You leave feeling challenged and changed physically, mentally, and emotionally. As an experienced teacher of 15 years she has mastered the ability to teach to many levels at one time. She skillfully sequences her classes to suit everyone in the room, provided they’re willing to try AND have a sense of humor! So if you’re new to yoga or a long time practicioner, Margo meets you where you are, and draws you in with compassion and charisma.



I started practicing yoga in 2004, and was immediately hooked. After my first class, I couldn't believe how my body felt - longer, stronger, sore in places I didn't even know I had muscles - but more importantly, I couldn't believe how my mind felt. I felt more calm, more centered, and more at peace than I ever had. In the years since 2004, the only constant in my life other than yoga has been change. I have moved multiple times, gone to grad school, and had many jobs, and through all of that, yoga has been there for me as an outlet, as a harbor, as an anchor to keep bringing me back to my center. I teach classes with a strong focus on alignment, and I love seeing students have that moment when everything lines up and it just feels good.



I've been practicing yoga for 10 years and teaching for 2.  My first class as a student was in a heated room and I knew I'd found my forever practice. No more gym memberships or running to stay fit... yoga just felt more natural in my body and I loved that it could be high intensity or slower more mindful movements.  Teaching and sharing yoga with others has been the best part of my growth in the yoga world. And being a part of the Sculpt community has been a joy from day 1.  I'm an empty-nester now and when I'm not on the mat, I'm cooking, hiking, reading, wine tasting-- but mostly I'm on the mat :)



I joined Sculpt Yoga in 2016 based on a recommendation from a friend, not realizing that this decision would completely change my life.  I have had the privilege of practicing with some of the most amazing instructors and students at Sculpt and have found a greater love, appreciation and connection with yoga than ever before.  Yoga has transformed my mind, body and soul, which has inspired me to help others find this deeper connection with their practice.  
I love the way yoga makes me feel.  The way it opens up every part of my being...and each time finding new space that never existed before.  No matter where you are with your practice - whether it's the first time on your mat or the hundredth time - there is always something new waiting to be discovered.  Yoga will always be there for you.  You just need to let it in.



I found Sculpt Yoga back in 2015 after having my first child. I entered the studio with a broken core and embarrassed that my practice wasn’t what it used to be before having my daughter. I fell in love with yoga back in Washington D.C, where I lived for many years, but struggled to find “my yoga place” in Portland since moving here in 2013. 

Sculpt Yoga’s instructors rebuilt my body, confidence, and strength inside and out. They helped me discover again what it is that I love about yoga. Your mat is where you come to become stronger, become wiser, and let go of all the stressors weighing you down each day. That’s what I love about yoga, it is your time to find yourself, find your strength, and find how you can be better every day. . 

I’m so excited to be part of the Sculpt Yoga family and help people realize how strong they are, how courageous they can be, and how amazing they can feel each time they come to their mat. 



Matthew discovered yoga as a last-ditch effort to heal from a back injury. On his journey, he experienced yoga's vast benefits. Ever-curious, he was determined to learn why it worked and became set on teaching others how to feel better through yoga. Matt went on to receive his 500-hour training in Brooklyn, NY, where he taught for three years before moving to Portland, OR—his current home.

Matt believes that yoga should make you feel good, no matter how you arrive onto your mat. Students can expect to be moving within the first five minutes of class and instruction will always be given in practical and uncomplicated language. Above all else, he is here to serve the students and custom tailor each practice to the classes' unique needs, requests, and bodies in the room. Matt strives to see his students feeling happy and accomplished!



I recently started practicing yoga to help heal a running injury. Being a fan of cardio and high intensity workout classes, I immediately fell in love with yoga sculpt. I’m grateful for my injury because it led me to an amazing community and a lifelong practice. I became a sculpt instructor to empower others and to provide them a community to lean on. In my sculpt classes you’ll get sweaty and be challenged with upbeat music and CARDIO!! 

When I’m not in the studio, you can find me eating at the best brunch spots, planning my next vacation or hanging out with my dog, Wrigley.

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I started practicing yoga in 2010. In the beginning it was very intimidating but I knew that yoga would be very beneficial.

In the past decade I also started to do triathlons, HIIT workouts at Crossfit gyms and when I moved to the Portland area 3 years ago I fell in love with climbing.

Yoga was always by my side during those years. Not only because yoga made me more flexible but also because it made me stronger physically and mentally, balancing out my body after hard workouts. Yoga has opened many doors to new friendships and lead me to amazing places.

I began yoga at Sculpt after my partner Colleen took me there to try a hot yoga class in 2018. I was immediately hooked.

This year in 2019 I decided to become a yoga teacher via Margo's YTT program. I felt drawn to teaching something that I am passionate about.

I immediately knew I wanted to teach power vinyasa. I like to combine strength and power but also include the roots of yoga where traditional and modern meets. After a couple months of teaching at other studios, I am super excited to start teaching yoga at Sculpt this fall. See you on your mat!



I've been teaching Sculpt Yoga since 2012 after completing teacher training at Core Power. I fell in love with yoga in college when I felt the connection between my body and my mind for the first time in my life. Having struggled with my weight throughout my childhood, my body was something that I always wanted to change rather than be grateful for. It wasn't until I started practicing yoga that I realized everything is connected. Your mind, your breath, your body, your movement, your attitude, it all influences one another and flows together. And it made me feel so dang empowered! My goal in Yoga Sculpt is to get people into that zone of empowerment. Through music, challenges sequences, and energy, I aim to get everyone out of their day to day and feel something different. Hopefully it's an 'I can do anything' outcome :)