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Hi, I’m Jenn Hoge, certified yoga instructor and non-diet nutritionist on a mission to help people have a great relationship with food. I’m a Registered Dietitian and supporter of mindful and intuitive eating. I believe that healthful nutrition is individual and that there is no “one size fits all” approach to food. I will help you make peace with food and yourself.

Set up a meeting with me and we will work together to identify your individual goals. We’ll discuss your eating and exercise habits and create a plan that helps you find more balance in your life. This plan will be specific to your lifestyle and will help you fuel your body & feel good! If you’re ready to find balance, feel good about yourself and break from diet culture into something that lasts, set up a Discovery Meeting today!


Discovery Meeting: $20

20 minutes of getting to know each other. You’ll learn a bit more about me and my approach to nutrition and have an opportunity to ask questions. In turn, you’ll share a bit about yourself and we'll discuss your general goals.

Initial Consult: $80

60 minutes of reviewing your eating & exercise habits, lifestyle and past experience with nutrition. During this session we’ll create your specific road map and set goals to help you find improved balance and health.

Follow Up Consultation: $40

30 minute check-ins where we review your progress and tweak your plan as needed. We’ll discuss obstacles & how to overcome them.

Bundle: $198 (10% discount)

Discovery meeting, initial consult and 3 follow up consultations. Visits are scheduled every other week.


Additional discounts available for Sculpt Yoga package holders. Inquire for details.

For more information, connect with me in the studio or via email: